7 Butt Plugs That Will Up Your Role Playing Game

Choosing the Right Butt Plug for You


If you are curious about trying out a butt plug for yourself, you may have already seen the wide selection that is available online and in stores.

There are lots of different kinds of butt plugs, not only limited to their sizes. There are different materials and different kinds that can serve different purposes, but all serve one similarity which is to deliver pleasure.

If you are wondering which one would be best for you and your needs, here are seven butt plugs and their descriptions to help you know which one you would want to deliver maximum enjoyment.


Silicone Butt Plugs.


These kinds of butt plugs are made from a material called silicone. Almost all butt plugs are, and should be, made from non-porous materials.

Non-porous materials are materials that do not absorb things such as odor or bacteria, which is essential when selecting a butt plug.

Silicone is one of the most popular choices for butt plugs, because for one thing most of the silicone butt plugs are much more affordable compared to the other materials.

Additionally, silicone butt plugs come in a wide variety of different firmnesses. Therefore, you can choose a super soft and flexible one, or a harder one that would mimic a butt plug made out of harder material, such as glass.

However, the texture of butt plugs made out of silicone may require you to put more lube frequently compared to other materials.

Take note that you also have to make sure to get the right type of lubricant for your butt plug, as well, because you can’t use silicone based lubes with silicone butt plugs surprisingly.

Oil based lubricants do not work well with silicone butt plugs too, so be sure to get a water-based kind so that it doesn’t damage or mess with your butt plug.


Rubber and Jelly Butt Plugs.


Even though we mentioned that you should only get butt plugs that are made out of non-porous materials, there are still butt plugs that are made out of porous materials.

These butt plugs are much more affordable than the other butt plugs are, however they may come with a lot of downsides.

For one thing, these butt plugs cannot be fully sterilized because they will absorb bacteria and odor inside of the material itself which is very hard or impossible to completely get rid of.

These are usually softer than other materials but they can also be heavy, which can be nice for some people.

However, people with allergies to latex may not be able to use these kinds of butt plugs. Additionally, you may have to throw them out after a few uses, which in the long run may be a waste of money and contributes more waste to the world.


Inflatable Butt Plugs.


This one is a very interesting kind of butt plug, and it pretty much lives up to its name. You use it just like you would with any normal butt plug, simply insert it in with lube.

However, what makes this one different is that you have a hand pump attached to it.

When you pump it, it gets larger, which can be pleasurable who are looking for bigger sizes and if they want it to slowly increase throughout the bedroom session.


Butt Plugs with Animal Tails.


This one is also considered rather popular because a lot of people have a kink for them. It is usually used with people who enjoy role playing and BDSM, because it is very easy to use, cause you usually just wear it and pair it with ears on a headband to complete the roleplay.

They are exactly what they sound like as well, butt plugs with a tail attached the base at the end of the plug, which mimics an animal’s tail when a person wears it.

Just be sure that you are careful when you are washing it, because you could damage the fur on the tail.


Vibrating Butt Plug.


if you’re looking for something more exciting, then try out a vibrating butt plug. Just like how a vibrating dildo would give you more stimulation, so would a vibrating butt plug.

It will help stimulate your nerve endings in your rectum more and make you more turned on than you would be with a regular butt plug.


Cock Ring Butt Plugs.


The men who are into butt plugs will surely love this.

Stimulate your g spot with the butt plug while a cock ring is on your penis, and you will experience ultimate pleasure, especially if you are doing other sexual activities while using this.


Glass, Ceramic, and Metal Butt Plugs.


These butt plugs are great if you want control over the temperature of your butt plug. Additionally, the provide a bit of weight in the backdoor area, especially the metal ones, whereas the ceramic ones are much lighter.

They all provide a nice smooth surface which helps it slip in easily.

They are also non-porous materials, which means they can be sterilized, in particular metal is the one that can be best sterilized.


There are many more kinds of butt plugs than the seven listed above, but knowing what the popular ones are will help you decide which one will suit your pleasure needs the most.


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