Anal Douching 101: How to Safely clean your Rectum

What You Need to Know About Anal Douching


Having anal sex is a way to step up your game in the bedroom if you and your partner have started to fall into a dull routine.

However, if you are new to it, you may have a lot of questions regarding how it is done. More importantly, you might be wondering how you can “prepare” for it.

There are a lot of articles that you can read online that tell you various ways of how you can make yourself clean if you are going to be on the receiving end of anal sex.

One of the most popular suggested items that you can use to clean your anal lining is an anal douche. There is a lot of debate about anal douching online.

Some people say that using it too much could damage or hurt you, whereas others may mention that they can’t have anal sex without it.

To help you learn more about what you need to know about anal douching, here are the facts that you need to learn.


What Is an Anal Douche?


Typically, an anal douche, often called an enema, would be similar to a vaginal douche. This is normally used for medicinal purposes, which is why you can pick up an anal douche in most drug stores.

Generally, it is just an item that you can fill up with water and insert inside of you to clean yourself internally.

We don’t recommend that you buy the vaginal ones that have liquid already inside of them, because those are full of perfumes and chemicals that could damage your anal lining (in fact, we don’t recommend using those for vaginas either, as it can disrupt the ph balance in your vagina and may make things worse).

The douches with liquid in them already can do more damage than good, because it can wipe out all the good bacteria, whether it be for your anus or vagina, so if you want to try one, just get the one that you can fill with regular water.


How Do I Use a Douche?


First, rinse out your douche and then fill your douche up with MILDLY warm water or lukewarm water or a saline solution, preferably water, and be sure that you are either on top of the toilet or near the toilet.

Typically, you would only add about six to eight ounces of liquid in it, as most anal douches only hold a small amount of water.

Place a bit of silicone lubricant on the nozzle and carefully slip it inside about 2-3 inches when you are in a comfortable position and then gently squeeze it in.

Be sure to not let go of the bulb or your grip until you take the anal douche out of you. Carefully take it out of you but allow the water to sit inside of you for a minute or two.

Once it is out and you feel full, go sit on the toilet and allow the water to expel out of you.

You can repeat this one or two times to see how clean you are, but remember to not overdo it and to always make sure that the water is lukewarm and never hot.

Be sure that you have already went to the toilet to take a number 2 an hour or so before you douche as well.


Is it Safe to Use an Anal Douche?


Typically, it is safe to use an anal douche given that you follow the proper instructions. However, if you have issues with your anal lining, you may want to check with a doctor first to find out if anal douching is right for you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that most people do not douche every single time that they have anal sex. Some people do it once a month, or about twice a month at the most.

Just like anything in the world, doing something too much can be bad for you.

If you douche too frequently, you can run the risk of damaging your lower colon. There is bacteria that resides there, some of which would be considered good bacteria.

You could be disrupting the balance in your colon or even run the risk of getting an infection if you do it too often.

Again, you can run a higher risk of damage if you use liquids that have perfume or chemicals inside of it.

If anal douching is done too frequently, you would leave your intestines bare and without their defense. You have basically removed majority of what the good gut bacteria would be, which can not only give you poor gut health and run the risk of infections.

Once you try to have anal sex, you could get cuts and abrasions because the natural mucous lining would be gone, and that can happen even if you use lots of lubricant during anal.

All in all, it is completely fine to use an anal douche if you have no intestinal issues and if you keep in mind not to do it too frequently.

By using good old water and making sure that you are gentle, anal douching can easily and be safely done.

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