Anal Sex Toy Cleaning Guide: How to Remove Odors

The Tips You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Anal Sex Toys


A lot people are doing more anal related sexual activities. It is a common thing now and it is easy to get toys to make things exciting in the bedroom.

However, prolonged use of these items can cause them to smell over time. It is important to keep these items sanitary as well, because they enter your body.

To keep them fresh and clean, keep on reading this article to find out everything that you need to know.


Why Do My Sex Toys Have a Smell?


A lot of sex toys are made of silicone, which over time can start to absorb the smells of the places that you put it into.

There are people who wear things such as butt plugs overnight or during the day, which can give the toy time to absorb the smell around it.

Usually, anal sex toys that are made of glass or metal will not absorb metal, but those are usually more expensive and not everyone will enjoy the way that those toys feel.

Additionally, most silicone made anal sex toys will also get stains after some time. This can make it look less appealing, especially if it is accompanied by the smell.

Generally, softer silicone based anal sex toys are more prone to staining, so you can try getting darker colored ones to keep the eye sore away.

It is important to check the details of your product or contact the manufacturer before you try out any of the following tips below.

You do not want to make a mess or ruin your toys, so it is always best to contact or find out before trying out anything.

Now, here are some tips that you can try out to make your anal sex toys nice and clean.


No to Air Tight Places.


A big mistake that you can make is to put a smelly anal sex toy into a container that is airtight, especially even worse if you had not cleaned it yet.

Since the container that you put it in is airtight, the smell has nowhere else to go but into your anal sex toy, making it stinkier than what it would have originally been.

If you want to keep your toys in a place where it won’t get dirty, be sure to try to clean it or make sure it is not that smelly before sticking it in an airtight container.

Additionally, you can try to actually air out your anal sex toy for awhile. The issue that might have made your toy smell in the first place could have been caused by being in an airtight space for a prolonged period of time, trapping all the smell inside.

If you can air it out for awhile, you might notice that the smell would disappear. Placing it in sunlight can make it more effective in removing the smell.

However, if the smell has not passed in three days, then you must try out a different method or get a new anal sex toy.


Soak It Up.


An affordable method that you can try to get rid of any odors is to soak your anal sex toy in some vinegar that is in the same temperature as your room.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep the toy in the vinegar for longer than thirty minutes, besides thirty minutes should be more than enough time to get rid of the odor.

It is important to make sure that you wash your toy afterwards with some mild soap and some water to get rid of any vinegar that might be lingering.

Afterwards, you can let the toy air dry and should be fresh and almost new.


Put Some Lubricant On It.


A lot of people recommend slathering your anal sex toy in some coconut oil to help get rid of the smells. Once you have covered your toy in coconut oil, allow it to sit in a dry area for about one to two hours.

Once the time has passed, you can wash your toy in some warm water and some mild soap, be sure to wash it thoroughly to get rid of any oil residue that might be on the toy.


Try to Use some Bleach.


This is not always a guaranteed solution to getting rid of the odors on your sex toys, but it is worth a try if the other methods weren’t as effective.

You can soak your anal sex toy in a solution that is made up of about ten percent bleach, be sure to not add more than that.

Be sure to wash it VERY well after the toy was soaked to get rid of any chemicals. Keep in mind that you should never boil your sex toys with bleach, as it can be dangerous to your body or ruin your toy.


It is important to keep the things that you use in your body fresh and clean.

By following these tips, you can have fresh smelling anal sex toys that will be exciting and more importantly, sanitary, to use for your amusement anytime that you want.

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