Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs: How to Safely Use

Safety Tips for Butt Plugs


A lot of people like bringing butt plugs into the bedroom to get things a little more interesting. A lot of people agree that it is a great way to intensify the activities of the bedroom.

However, there may be more to it than what meets the eye. With any sexual activity, you should always be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep you and your partner safe.

Here are some facts and tips to keep you safe while using butt plugs.


Why Would I Use a Butt Plug in the First Place?


If you are wondering why people would use butt plugs to begin with, it is because there are a lot of nerves in the rectum area.

They are super sensitive and can help elate your session. Depending on the size of the plug, it can even stimulate a woman even further by stimulating the skene glands, which are the equivalent to a female prostate.

Additionally, many people have preferences towards using butt plugs.

More importantly, using butt plugs can help prepare a person for anal. More often than not, especially for first timers, doing anal will be a bit intimidating because of the idea.

Using a butt plug can slowly help the person warm up and move on to bigger items. That way, the person will be much more relaxed and will feel less pain when they move up sizes.

This is one of the best ways a beginner can ease their way towards anal.


How Do I Use a Butt Plug?


One of the most important things that you should remember is to never force it in right away. You have to be fully prepared mentally and physically before you place it in.

Be sure that you are fully in the mood and are relaxed, that way you won’t feel pain. Additionally, you should make sure that it is properly lubricated with an oil or lube before you place it in.

This will make it even easier to slip in without any incidents. As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that you are extremely aroused before you try inserting it, that way the pain would become more pleasurable.

Now that you got the lubricants ready and you are aroused, another important thing to note is that you should not just shove it in.

Allow you and your partner to take your time placing it in, because even if it is lubricated and you are turned on it can still hurt if you do it too quickly.

You can take it slow by using your fingers before using the butt plug, just be sure that your nails are short and not sharp beforehand.

This way, you will be more prepared because you are used to the feeling of something in the back door.

The reason you want to take it as slow as possible is because you can cause tiny abrasions in your rectum. Not only can these be painful, but they can create infections.

That is why you should make sure everything is well lubricated and be slow and gentle. Once it is in, you can enjoy it however you would like to.

A lot of people enjoy the sensation of pulling it in and out to stimulate themselves. However, a butt plug was made with the intent to feel “full” within that area.

However, you can try to move it in and out to see what method you prefer more, just be sure to be gentle and careful when doing so.

Some people even take it out right before they reach climax, because it can intensify the overall sensations, but you can try whatever you feel is right at the moment.


Are There Any Other Safety Precautions I Should Take When Using It?


Be sure that whatever butt plug that you are using has a way to be easily removed. Most butt plugs have a flared base at the end or a string or feather that you can use to pull it out.

The danger is that it would go up too much, but a flared base or string or feather will help you easily pull it out and keep you from an embarrassing trip to the hospital.

Additionally, be sure that you never place the toy or your fingers in areas like a vagina or mouth once you placed it in the rectum. This can be a recipe for an infection if you are not careful.

You might unknowingly transfer bacteria to other sensitive areas of your body. Be sure that you wash them properly before placing a butt plug or fingers anywhere else.

If you are a first timer, we recommend that you opt for a smaller sized butt plug. This will help you get used to the idea of it and you can always get another one if you want a larger size.

Be sure that you get an affordable one from a quality supplier. Make sure that the supplier is reputable, you don’t want to put any dangerous toxins or breakable items in you.


By knowing the safety precautions and use of butt plugs, you will be ready to enjoy them to the fullest.


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