Enlarged prostate and sex: Side effects and how to cope

What You Need to Know About Handling an Enlarged Prostate


As men grow older, their prostate continues to grow with them. However, this can lead to issues, especially in their sex life, that can be both painful and feel like a struggle to have to deal with.

However, that doesn’t mean you should just let it be or be unaware of the side effects and how to manage an enlarged prostate.

Here is some information that you need to know about enlarged prostates for sex, what the side effects are, and how you can deal with it.


What Are the Side Effects of Having an Enlarged Prostate?


One of the most prominent side effects that you may experience from having an enlarged prostate is feeling the need to urinate quite frequently.

Along with that, you may feel as though you have not completely emptied out your bladder, which can be a bit troublesome at times.

The feeling of needing to pee can be rather strong at times, as you might suddenly find yourself running to the bathroom.

The stream of urine may also be weaker compared to when your prostate was at a normal size.


Moreover, some more side effects of having an enlarged prostate is that it affects your abilities in the bedroom.

One of the more predominant issues that you will face with an enlarged prostate is erectile dysfunction, which is when you have a hard time keeping erect or even getting erect at all.

You will feel less satisfaction after or during intercourse which is also accompanied by a lack of interest towards sex, i.e. little to no libido.


Most of the time, you will get an enlarged prostate because of your age, because as stated earlier the prostate grows as you get older.

However, it can also be based on your genetics, because it can be considered common in your family history. Moreover, anxiety can also potentially cause you to have an enlarged prostate.


However, you must keep in mind that having an enlarged prostate can be confused with having erectile dysfunction, they may have similar symptoms but they are actually two separate medical issues.

Although, you could potentially get erectile dysfunction because you have an enlarged prostate, because some of the medicine that they may give you for an enlarged prostate could give you erectile dysfunction.

Thankfully, it can go hand in hand in a good way, because you can take medication that’s meant for erectile dysfunction at the same time which can also help improve the side effects that an enlarged prostate can cause.

Be aware that we say improve, and not cure or treat, because the medicine that is prescribed for erectile dysfunction hasn’t been proven to cure an enlarged prostate.


How Can I Deal with An Enlarged Prostate?


Generally, you will be given medication by your doctor to deal with your enlarged prostate. However, those are not always guaranteed to work and can still mess with your issues in the bedroom.

Your doctor may eventually recommend surgery for your enlarged prostate, as there are many different kinds of surgery available as treatment.

However, these are not guaranteed to be the perfect fix, as you may still face an issue or two.

Many men have mentioned that they were able to perform in the bedroom, but had something referred to as dry ejaculation, which is where the semen that should have gone out of your penis goes into your bladder instead.

You could still potentially have sexual side effects as well, because it cannot guarantee a correction for erectile dysfunction.


You can try some things at home as well to help improve the symptoms that you experience.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t entirely rely on these home remedies, but they are good thing to do if you accompany them with your medication or post surgery.

Some studies believe that exercising regularly can help relieve some of the symptoms that you feel, and there are even specific exercises that seem to be great for people dealing with prostate issues.

This is because exercising helps keep your blood flowing throughout your body, which is essential for handling things such as erectile dysfunction.


You will also want to lessen your intake of alcohol and carbonated drinks. Alcohol in particular can make you need to urinate more, which can heighten your symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Moreover, alcohol can make some men have a hard time staying or getting erect, so it would be best to keep it out of your system.

If waking up to go the bathroom to urinate frequently at night is beginning to bother you, try to avoid having fluids in the evening or a few hours before you sleep to lessen the trips to the toilet.

Of course, you shouldn’t make yourself get dehydrated, but try to get your fill on the necessary amount of water throughout the day and cut it off a few hours before you go to sleep.


Dealing with prostate issues such as an enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not manageable. Visit your doctor to get professional advice and try some of the home treatments to help improve your symptoms.

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