External Prostate Massage Techniques to Recover Prostate Health

Easy Prostate Massages to Increase Your Prostate Health


Staying on top of your prostate health is crucial. You can always take care of it by getting regular checkups from the doctors and taking the necessary medications.

But did you know that there are ways that you can increase your prostate health even more? You can supplement the basics of prostate health and taking it up a notch by adding external prostate massages to your routine.


What Exactly is an External Prostate Massage?


Basically, you will be applying direct pressure and very gently massage specific areas outside your prostate area. You may use the soft parts of your hands or you can even get a massaging device to make it easier.

By using the correct techniques, you will be able to gain massive benefits for your prostate health, just remember to do these techniques regularly.

By massaging your prostate, you are encouraging more blood flow towards it, which is always a good thing in order to keep your prostate healthy and functioning.

It also helps release things such as fluids and toxins to help it get away from your prostate area to keep it protected.

Additionally, it also helps increase overall pleasure during intercourse. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should be gentle because rough or rigorous massage can damage your prostate, positive effects will be seen with continuous gentle massages.


How Do I Find My Prostate?


Generally, most people would find the prostate easily through the rectum, however that is an internal prostate massage method and many people are not comfortable with that.

Thankfully, you can still find your prostate externally to do these massage techniques. You can find it easily, it is around one inch under the rectum going towards your scrotum area.


How Do I Start Doing an External Prostate Massage?


An external prostate massage begins by you applying pressure to certain areas of your perineum. Which as mentioned earlier, is where you can find your prostate externally.

You can also try to do this method by touching the area above your pubic bone. Both of these places will help stimulate your prostate to start the massage.

You can do many different techniques when you start your external prostate massage. The most important thing that you have to remember is to be gentle and slow to avoid any possible damage. Y

ou may go in circular motions in either the area of your perineum or above your pubic bone. You may also simply just go back and forth as you please.

The goal here is to make sure that it feels good and enjoyable, if you feel any pain that means you are massaging too harshly.

Since the goal is to feel good, you must make sure that you are in a comfortable place too. You may want to do these massages on a comfortable couch or on your bed and make sure that you are alone.

Preferably, you ought to do these massages while lying down on your back or on your side to be comfortable and do the massages properly.

Each person will have different preferences towards how they would want their external prostate massage. Try to experiment to see what pressure is enjoyable and what isn’t.

You should also try to vary the speed of your massages to see which feels best. Remember, any time you feel any pain you should immediately lighten the pressure to keep your prostate safe.

It is important to be patient while doing these massage techniques. You might not find what the best techniques are right away.

It is important to vary your techniques, switching from circular to back and forth and to change up the speeds.

Eventually, you will see which method works best for you and which one you should try to do more often for optimal results.


What Are the Benefits to Giving Yourself an External Prostate Massage?


A major benefit that you can receive from regularly doing these massage techniques is that you can receive pain relief. You may experience less pain the more often you do these massages.

Moreover, you will be able to urinate with less or no problems with continued massaging. Additionally, you may regain your sex life if it is done right.

A lot of medical professionals actually recommend some of their patients to do prostate massages, whether it be internally or externally.

This is because it helps treat any possible inflammation that may be in the gland.

If a doctor says that your prostate area is swelling, it could be due to a number of things such as an infection and may recommend you to do prostate massages along with your other medications to help encourage healing.

Basically, when you are contracting in those areas it will send a message or stimulate the gland’s deep tissue.

Therefore, it will start to drain any of the bad liquid that may have built up in those areas.

That is why doctors recommend their patients to do prostate massages, because after a few massages with the right technique, you can completely eradicate any inflammation.


Be sure that you keep your prostate healthy and happy by doing prostate massages using the techniques mentioned above.

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