Homemade Butt Plug – How to Make your Own Butt Plug

What You Need to Make a Butt Plug at Home


There is a lot of talk about butt plugs around the sexual community, particularly in regards to anal play and how pleasurable it can be.

People share their reviews about where they bought theirs and what their experience was like, but you might be curious about what’s in those materials.

Of course, butt plugs that are sold by trusted suppliers are always safe to use, but you might want to make your own to be safe, and maybe just for fun and to see if you like it before purchasing one.

To help you get started, here is how you can make your own butt plug at home.


Should I Try to Make My Butt Plug?


Our advice is to always do it at your own risk, even if you choose high quality material or ingredients to make a butt plug, that doesn’t guarantee that it will last throughout the use.

We still recommend that you buy from a reliable store or brand instead of making your home, but there are still lots of ways you can make your own butt plug at home.

People have tried these methods and have mentioned that it worked out just fine. We just caution that you do not rely on this homemade ones too much, you can use them to see how you like butt plugs then eventually you ought to buy one from a real brand.


Is It Edible and Sexual?


Well, you have been on the internet long enough to see people use all kinds of fruits and vegetables in their sexual activities.

However, the issue with that is that produce is quite soft, even firm ones run the risk of breaking with too much pressure.

The anal muscles are tighter than a vagina too, even when turned on, so you can run the risk of it breaking apart or squishing inside while using it.

So, proceed with caution if you are planning to use fruits and vegetables as a butt plug.

We don’t high recommend it, but you can try to find a small enough cucumber to use as a butt plug. Most cucumbers can be quite wide, so finding one within an inch in diameter may be tough.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that it is very firm and don’t move too much while using it so it won’t break.

You’ll want to slap a condom on top the cucumber as well, because you don’t know it’s been growing or how well washed it has been, so let’s keep the pesticides out of your anus.


Shiny, Pearly Whites.


Did you know that you should use a toothbrush to substitute a butt plug? In particular, we suggest that you choose an electric toothbrush, preferably a brand new one so that the bacteria in your mouth and bathroom doesn’t transfer inside of you.

Be sure that the base of the toothbrush that you want to use is flat and doesn’t have any sharp edges, because the vibrations while you are using it with the edges could be a recipe for disaster.

Again, don’t forget to use a condom again and don’t use your everyday toothbrush for this, because you don’t want the bacteria from your anus going to your mouth either.


It’s Time to Blow – Glass, that is.


If you really want to make your own custom toy, then we recommend going to a glass maker, unless you are a professional potter or glass maker.

We don’t recommend that you attempt to make your own glass or clay butt plugs if you aren’t highly experienced, because it is dangerous to do so while making it and using the toy itself.

By going to a professional glass maker, they can create a specific shape and size for you, which can be quite interesting.

Keep in mind that this is not necessarily a homemade option anymore and it is more expensive, but it will be truly unique and your own.


NEVER Use Female Sanitary Products.


When you think about it, tampons seem like they would make sense to use as a butt plug. They come clean and sanitized, ready to be used in a more sensitive area of the body like a vagina.

That should mean that it works well as a butt plug too, right? Well unfortunately, using something like a tampon is a big no, despite what other people might tell you.

Tampons are clean, but they are only meant to be in a vagina for a period until it has to be taken out. This is because there are still germs and bacteria residing within the fibers of this cotton.

If you insert it in your anus, you would be allow tons of hidden bacteria and germs to enter you and get into your bloodstream.

What’s more is that your anal skin is much more sensitive, so the lube would get soaked right up and hurt the lining of your anus.

If you aren’t sure about buying your own butt plug, you can try some of these homemade methods.

Keep in mind that we recommend buying your own, but there’s no harm in trying as long as you are being as safe as can be.

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