How to insert and remove a butt plug

Tips You Need to Know To Use a Butt Plug


If you have ever thought about using a butt plug, it may come across as a bit intimidating at first, especially if you have never had anal sex before.

If you are thinking about it, this means that you are interested in trying it out.

However, does that just mean you should just go and buy a butt plug right away without doing your research first?

Of course not, it is better to be prepared and know what you need have and need to do before using one.

There is no need to worry, because using a butt plug is actually quite easy as long as you know what to do.

There are not a lot of tools involved to use a butt plug as well. To help you know what you will need to get and what you should do, here are some helpful tips to let you know what the best way to insert and remove a butt plug is.


What Is the Purpose of Using a Butt Plug?


People use butt plugs for various different reasons, but all of them relate to the fact that wearing one can be pleasurable.

A butt plug helps stimulate all the nerve endings that are in the rectum, particularly in the opening of the rectum.

If it is worn properly, it will make the person wearing it feel very good and enhance any sexual activity that they are doing.

It is relatively simple for anyone to use but it makes any activity in the bedroom much better. Some people even wear butt plugs throughout the day while they do their normal everyday activities just because it feels good.

Both men and women can get a lot of sexual benefits out of wearing a butt plug.

For one thing, men can get very turned on and enhance overall sexual pleasure from wearing a butt plug because a man’s prostate, i.e. the g-spot, can be easily stimulated through the anus, which is what a butt plug can do for them.

A lot of men have mentioned that they enjoy wearing a butt plug while having sex, especially when they are receiving oral sex because it makes everything more intense and enjoyable.

Women love wearing butt plugs to make them feel like they are getting penetrated in more than one area, so having sex or using a dildo while wearing a butt plug can make them feel much more satisfied.

If you manage to hit a woman’s g spot through their vagina while they are wearing a butt plug, they are surely going to have a much more intense reaction.

Generally, both men and women will experience greater orgasms and climaxes than they normally would when they are wearing a butt plug.

However, one of the most prominent reasons why a person would wear a butt plug is because they use it to prepare themselves for anal penetration.

Logically speaking, the anus is not a sexual organ and does not easily accept things entering it and if the person is not used to the feeling of it, their body might naturally resist and tighten up which could end up being painful.

That is where the butt plug comes in, literally, because it is much smaller than what a dildo or penis would be, and it is a great way to ease a person into the idea of anal penetration and come to enjoy it until it is time.

Additionally, it helps a person feel much more turned on which will help the actual penetration go in easily and pain free, making it an overall pleasurable experience for the receiver.


How Do I Use a Butt Plug?


First things first, you have to make sure that you are relaxed, if you are worried about any accidents you can go to the toilet before using a butt plug.

Once you are relaxed, make sure you feel good and horny before you attempt to insert anything there, because the hornier you are the more relaxed you are, therefore it makes it easier to insert.

You can take things slow if you are a beginner, you can use your finger or your partner’s finger to go in the rectum to slowly get more turned on.

An important thing to note is that whether it is a sex toy, penis, or finger, you should always apply lube before entering through the backdoor.

The anus does not naturally produce its own lubricant unlike the vagina or mouth, so you need to make sure that you put a good amount of lubricant before inserting anything in the anus.

Once you feel like you are ready, put yourself in a relaxed position such as lying on your side and slowly slip it inside until the base reaches the entrance.

Be sure to take your time inserting it, not only will it keep you safe, but it can be more pleasurable as well.

To remove it, just put yourself in a comfortable position again and pull the base out of your rectum slowly. It’s really that simple!


Using a butt plug doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need to know what you need to get and what to do and it will be easy to use and even more enjoyable to have.


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