Pros and Cons of Anal Sex and Safe Anal Sex Tips

Everything that You Need to Know about Anal Sex


Nowadays, anal sex is not such a strange topic to talk about and many couples have been doing it. It is no longer the taboo that it used to be.

However, does that mean you should just jump into the act without being well aware of what safety precautions you should take or how it works?

Absolutely not, that is why we have created a list of pros and cons that you ought to know about anal sex along with some safety tips to keep you protected.


What Are the Good Things about Anal Sex?


Well, generally there isn’t any reason as to why you shouldn’t do it unless you have an issue with your bowels.

Generally, it is a great way for couple to spice things up in the bedroom by trying out new things and feel new sensations.

As long as you are following the proper safety measures while doing it, there is nothing wrong with it from time to time.

People can be rather skeptical about the idea of anal sex, but as long as you are doing it safely, nothing much can go wrong.

Ideally, you should make sure to wear a condom when doing so to avoid infections. More importantly, you have to make sure to change condoms before going into a vagina after doing anal.

A vagina is sensitive towards bacteria, so you do not want to risk introducing any harmful bacteria into the vagina.

Additionally, a lot of people enjoy the feeling of anal sex. For both men and women, there are a lot of nerves within that area that can stimulate a person, in a different yet similar way that vaginal sex would.

It is more stimulating in a sense because the nerves in that area are very sensitive, making it something worth trying every now and then as long as it is done safely.

If you aren’t so sure about it yet, you can use your finger or your partner’s finger when you are turned on to see how you like the feeling of something in that area first.


What Are the Bad Things about Anal Sex?


Generally, the main issue that can come from anal sex is the high risk for infection. However, keep in mind that this usually comes from a lack of safety and sanitary precautions, such as changing condoms before entering a vagina.

HPV is a common issue, as it is an infection that can actually lead to cancer. Getting the cancer caused by HPV usually occurs when a person has anal sex with several different partners and does not take safety precautions.

If you can, be sure to stick to one partner and always use condoms and take the right sanitary measures.

  • Coli is a bacteria that is commonly found in feces, therefore it can be found in your anus. If you are not careful, one of you can easily get a urinary tract infection or a bowel infection.

You can also potentially get an STD if you are not careful, especially if you have several different partners.

However, keep in mind that many of these anal sex cons can actually be prevented by always being safe and clean.


What Are Some Safety Tips that I Should Know?


Well, one of the most important things that you should know is that you should NOT be constipated or have any bowel issues before doing anything anal related.

If you do not have regular bowel movements, anal sex may not be a good idea. You will want to be clean and not have any awkward incidents when engaging in it.

Another important thing to know is that you should not be stingy with the amount of lube that you put on there. You should try to make sure that it is well lubricated before inserting it into the anus.

At any time during anal sex you feel as though it is dry, be sure to lubricate it again. Remember, unlike the vagina the anus does not create its own lubricant so it is your responsibility to make sure that it is well lubricated.

Additionally, the overall feeling will be much better if you are well lubricated.

A good thing to note is what lubricant you ought to use. A lot of people may prefer to use silicone based lubricants because they last longer than the water based ones and don’t get absorbed in the skin.

However, there are some drawbacks to this. It is unsafe to use silicone based lubricants if they will be used with condoms and toys, so it may be best to stick to water based lubricants since you will want to use a condom during anal sex.

Most importantly, you should enjoy! A lot of people may not fully enjoy it the first time because they are not fully turned on or relaxed, which can cause pain.

Be sure to chill out and enjoy the moment.

It is important to stay safe no matter what form of sexual activity that you do.

By taking the right precautions you will be able to enjoy anal sex without any worries!

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