Rectal Rinsing: How to Properly clean your Anus

Tips On How You Can Thoroughly Clean Your Anus


If you and your partner have explored and talked about the idea of having anal sex, or if you want to try it on your own with a dildo, then you may have a few questions about it, especially if you are on the receiving end of it.

Generally, a lot of people have said that they enjoyed anal sex, especially if it is done right. However, the anus is not a natural sex organ, so it is not going to be readily prepared to be penetrated, unlike a vagina.

There are also a lot of health and sanitary concerns that can come with the idea of having anal sex, which are perfectly normal to have.

Anal sex is not as dirty as it may seem, but it couldn’t hurt to make sure that you are thoroughly cleaned before getting into it.

Generally, all you actually need to do is just to take a good shower beforehand then you should be good to go.

However, if it makes you or your partner feel more comfortable, then it is definitely worth trying. To help yourself get prepare and cleaned, here are some tips that you can try to make yourself ready for anal sex.


Make Sure You Use the Toilet First.


As we said, the main cleaning process that you ought to go through is just to take a shower and make sure your butt area is clean.

However, what may be more important is to make sure that you have went to the bathroom naturally first before having anal sex.

When you are on the receiving end of anal sex, penetration can feel similar to the sensation of needing to go to the toilet, especially if you are not turned on enough.

Accidents can still happen when you are having anal sex, so you will want to make sure that you have used the toilet first to ensure that no accidents happen.

Also, you should make sure that your diet is in check before you attempt to have anal sex. Make sure that you are eating foods high in fiber, because you will want to make sure that your bowel movements are regular before having anal sex.

If you are constipated or have irregular bowel movements, you may have a higher chance of having an accident while having sex.

Additionally, check the consistency of your bowel movements before it happens for a few days, if it is too watery and soft, it would be best to adjust your diet and wait another few days until it has a regular consistency.


Take a Good Shower.


Truly, the only actual thing that you would have to do to be clean and ready it to make sure you take a shower.

Taking a shower just means you get all of the general dirt off your backdoor area. You don’t have to go through intense cleaning regimens to prepare for anal sex, because you should always be safe.

If your partner were to use a condom, they will be fine and it would be better because bacteria could enter them and give them an STI, which is a sexually transmitted infection.


Go In With Your Hands.


You can try some simpler cleaning methods to prepare yourself for anal sex. While you are in the shower, you can try inserting a finger carefully into your anus while you are relaxed.

You can wash the entrance with a little bit of mild and unscented soap with some warm water to clean it up a bit.

Just be sure to use a little soap, that way you can make sure that everything was washed out properly. This method, however, should be meant to clean the entrance, as you can’t go very far up with only your fingers.


Get an Enema.


By far, one of the most popular ways to clean out your anus for anal sex is to your an enema. An enema is similar to a douche that is used for cleaning women’s vaginas out.

However just like the douche, an enema is not entirely necessary for preparing or cleaning yourself out, but it can be used if you would like to.

You can purchase enemas online, but you can easily find them in your local pharmacies. Just be sure that it is meant for rectal cleaning and not vagina douching.

To use an enema, you can fill it with warm, not hot, water that has some mild and unscented soap mixed in it, and you can wash it up and then fill the enema again with water to rinse it out.

We recommend that you probably stay away from enemas or douches that contain their own liquid in them, because they might do more damage than harm.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use an enema very regularly, just whenever you feel like you want to be clean, so once a month would be a safe estimate.

You don’t want to keep cleaning out the natural lining of your intestines, so keep the enema use to a minimal.

If you are worried about what’s going to happen when you have anal sex, don’t worry. You can follow some of these tips to help you stay clean, fresh, and ready for when the time has come.

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