Signs That You Have Prostate Exhaustion

What You Need to Know About Prostate Exhaustion


Prostate cancer affects a lot of men. If you have prostate cancer, you might start developing signs that would mean you have prostate exhaustion, also known as prostate cancer fatigue.

Generally, fatigue can be described as feeling when you are tired, or exhausted. When it comes to prostate cancer fatigue, fatigue can come out a little differently than just being tired.

It is important to know what the signs are as early as possible. This can help you learn how you can deal with it early on and be able to manage your life properly.

To help you learn more, here are some facts and sign about prostate exhaustion or prostate cancer fatigue.


What Is Prostate Cancer Fatigue?


Generally, it is a kind of cancer related fatigue, and it affects many patients who have any kind of cancer.

Usually, it does not only happen because the patient has cancer, but also can come from the treatment the patient is getting for their cancer.

The most aggravating part for a patient will be that the feeling of fatigue rarely comes from actually being exhausted, it comes out of nowhere with no particular cause.

What may be more aggravating that resting and sleeping may not get rid of the feeling of fatigue.

What causes prostate cancer fatigue is still rather unclear to many doctors.

However, it is most likely caused because it is a side effect of the treatment that the cancer patients undergo.

Some common treatments that can cause prostate cancer fatigue are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and combination therapy.

The therapy can take a toll of cancer patients, so it may leave them feeling fatigued for several days, or even weeks at a time until the treatment is finally completed.


There are other reasons as to why you may be experiencing prostate cancer fatigue. Generally, a tumor cell will fight for more nutrients to grow, which may keep your regular cells from growing causing you to feel more tired.

A lot of patients will receive other side effects from therapy as well, such as vomiting and nausea, which can lead to a lack of appetite, therefore a lack of nutrition, thus making them feel fatigued.

Treatment can also cause patients to become anemic, which can also be the cause of fatigue as well.

Sometimes, the whole idea of having cancer can cause the patients to experience fatigue as well. If the patient is stressed, this can cause them to feel more tired than usual from emotional distress.

Depression can also be another culprit as to why a cancer patient would feel fatigued. Anxiety can also take a toll on the patient’s mind, thus affecting the way the body feels as well.

These feelings and emotions could also come from the medication that the patient is taking, because certain medication can cause emotional side effects.


Also, you might be experiencing a lot of fatigue from your cancer because you are trying to live your normal life and do regular activities whilst you are undergoing treatment.

This can be fine sometimes, but if you push or exert your body too much while you are going through treatment, it can take a big toll. You have to take it easy on yourself and try to relax more to keep your body less fatigued.


What Are Some Ways I Can Prevent the Feeling of Prostate Cancer Fatigue?


First, you should try to know what is causing your fatigue. This will help give you a better idea of what you ought to do in order to lessen it.

For example, if it is because you are following your old daily routine, try to cut out some of the activities so that your body won’t be so strained.

However, pinpointing the exact cause as to why you are feeling fatigued may prove to be difficult because the cause is usually unknown or it can be caused by several different things.


One of the most effective ways you can feel less fatigued is to try to preserve your energy as much as possible.

Some patients may find it difficult to proceed with their regular day to day activities, especially while going through treatment.

Be selective with your use of energy and try to space out your activities with rests in between to keep yourself from being tired out.

You can do some simple things to make your life more convenient and would require less energy, such as moving the way you place things around the house so you don’t have to waste energy on reaching for things.


Another important thing to note is that you should not rush yourself. If you rush yourself while doing something, odds are you’ll end up wasting more energy than what is actually required for that task.

Take your time and take it slow when you are doing something. Don’t be afraid to take breaks when a task takes a long period of time to do, your body will thank you for it later.


By knowing what the signs of prostate cancer fatigue and exhaustion are and knowing how to deal with it, you will be able to take proper care of yourself and feel lighter.

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