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Why You Should Get a Suction Cup Massager


There are lots of sex toys available online and in stores. You can choose from dildos, to vibrators, to butt plugs and many more.

However, one of the most common and most popular choices that many women, and men, enjoy buying and using are suction cup dildos.

Suction cup dildos are basically dildos but with a suction cup at the end of them. That way, you can stick it on a lot of surfaces.

A suction cup dildo may seem like any other dildo, but it can actually make a world of difference if you use this after using a regular dildo.

It is convenient and makes solo sessions much more enjoyable in the bedroom. If you want to learn more about what the benefits of using a suction cup vibrating dildo are and how you can use, keep on reading this article to find out.


It Makes Solo Sessions Much Easier.


Regular dildos are fun, but after awhile your hand can get tired and you might not feel fully satisfied yet.

The suction cup dildo takes all of that hassle and strain away for you while delivering the pleasure that you are looking for.

You can easily stick it onto a surface and enjoy, hands free. You don’t have to worry about your arm or wrist getting strained because you can just enjoy the toy on its own.


It Gives You a More Realistic Feeling.


You may still get pleasure from using other sex toys because of the stimulation it gives you, but sometimes it is hard to beat the real deal.

Using regular sex toys can satisfy you, but at the same times you might feel like you are masturbating rather than just enjoying.

By using a suction cup dildo, you can imitate the sensation of real sex, because you won’t be moving anything around but your hips.

Moreover, the way that the suction cup dildo hangs, especially on a surface like a wall, makes it feel more like a real penis.

Some dildos can be a bit stiff and rigid compared to the suction cup dildo, which may keep you remembering that you are just using a dildo.

A vibrating suction cup dildo on the other hand, feels more natural.


You Can Stick It On So Many Different Surfaces.


You don’t have to be limited to using a suction cup dildo in the bedroom.

You can stick it on the side of your bathroom tub, on the floor, on a wall, anywhere that you can stick a suction cup! It’s so convenient, once you got it on the place where you want it all you have to do is hop on and enjoy yourself.

We recommend that you try out your suction cup dildo in the bathtub.

For one thing, the surface of your bathtub is perfect to easily stick on your suction cup and you know that it will stay on.

Moreover, it is the perfect place for you to squat and ride the suction cup dildo, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort.

Additionally, you can make things extra fun by adding some nice warm water to achieve more heat in the room.

You could also try sticking it to a chair that has arm rests but offers you enough leg room to move around.

This is a good way to keep it inside of you and you can just move yourself around as you please. If you are more of a doggy style person, then you can try sticking it against a wall and thrust yourself backwards to achieve the feelings that you want.

Placing it on a tile floor is also a good option, there’s definitely going to be more than enough room for you to move around and you can just squat and bounce up and down as you please.


It Delivers Full Satisfaction.


It’s no secret that women may have a harder time being fully satisfied or reaching orgasm through one form of stimulation alone.

This is why the suction cup dildo is a great option for you to reach orgasm, because it is very easy to use while using other toys at the same time. Sure, you can use two toys at once with your hands, but it can be tiring.

With a suction cup dildo, you get penetrating stimulation while you can use another hand to use a toy like another vibrator on your clitoris to get maximum pleasure.


Achieve a Threesome.


You can bring your suction cup dildo into the room with your partner. A lot of women may want a threesome, however their significant other may not like the idea of sharing them with another person.

You can just use the suction cup dildo while you give oral to your partner, receive anal, and much more. It achieves the desired effect without anyone feeling uncomfortable or jealous.

Using a suction cup dildo can be a very great way to make your solo session in the bedroom a lot hotter, and sometimes even when things get hot and interesting with your partner.

You can gain a lot of sexual benefits from using a suction cup dildo, so try one out for yourself today!

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