Water Based vs Silicon Based Lubricant: What is Best?

What Lubricant is the Best for You


There are so many different kinds of lubes that you can see available on the market, and they are all made out of different things.

Although they are all made for sexual purposes, that doesn’t mean that one kind will suit the needs that you are looking for.

This can make it confusing for some people, especially first time lubricant buyers. All the different ingredients and names can be overwhelming and may make you buy the first one that you see.

Thankfully, it is fairly easy to realize what lube would be best for you once you get the information that you need. You don’t want to buy the wrong lubricant just in case.

To help you learn which kind of lubricant is best for you, here is a quick run down on some common kinds of lubricant and what they are best for.

Keep in mind that one kind of lube might not be the only right one for you. Certain types of lube will be better for specific sexual acts.

Be sure to give some different kinds of lubricant a try before you settle on one. For all you know, you might have a set of different kinds of lubes to help you fulfill your sexual needs.


What Silicone Lubricants Can Do For You.


Basically, silicone lubricants are made out of a synthetic silicone polymer. Please keep in mind that these are made by people or machines and to always have an allergy test done or do a patch test before trying out this lube for yourself.

Some people can be allergic to silicone, so it always better to be safe than sorry.

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from using silicone lubricants are the fact that they don’t get sticky and uncomfortable.

Another benefit that makes it so popular is that it can last for hours (given that you have placed the right amount of lubricant) so you can have lots of fun without having to stop to apply as much.

Additionally, this type of lubricant feels very smooth and almost feels like it is slick, making it feel nice for both you and your partner.

It makes penetration much more smoother and quicker thanks to its consistency.

However, a downside of this lubricant may be the aftermath that you have to deal with. It can be hard to wash off this type of lubricant, so you may want to avoid getting it all over your bed sheets or any clothes that you might still have on.

Another downside that you might face is that you will see that silicone based lubricants are usually more expensive compared to other types of lubricants, but that is because it has longer longevity compared to tho the other types.

You can use silicone based lubricants with most toys and condoms. However, it doesn’t mix well with latex condoms or toys.

This means that if your toys or condoms are made out of either silicone or latex, it has the potential of tearing or breaking them.

Although, the upside of this is that you can use it in the water and it won’t wash off! This means that you can have fun and get hot in the shower, hot tub, bath tub, or any wet place that you want to do it in.


What Water Based Lubricants Can Do For You.


Lubricants that are water based are a good choice for most beginners. Moreover, water based lubricants are actually the most commonly bought lubricants in most places.

This is because they are not made with silicone, which means that you can use it with pretty much anything. They are made of more natural ingredients, which means that it feels more natural or watery, especially if you are having vaginal sex.

However, keep in mind to check the ingredients before buying it, because water based lubricants that contain glycerin can create yeast infections.

One of the main benefits of water based lubricants is that it feels like the natural wetness of a vagina. They don’t get thicker or have a sticky feeling over time, which makes sex feel real and all natural.

Most people aren’t allergic to the ingredients that are in this lubricant. Moreover, water based lubricants are super easy to clean compared to silicone based ones and they won’t leave any awkward stains on your clothes or bed sheets.

The issues that you might face with water based lubricants is that you may have to apply it a lot more often than silicone based lubricants. This is because they dry out kind of quickly due to their natural composition and the fact that it gets absorbed by the skin.

Although, some people say that you can “revive” the lubricant by adding a bit of spit or a sprinkle of water to it. Unlike silicone based lubricants, you can’t use this in the water because it will wash away quickly because it will mix with the water surrounding it.

Generally, silicone based lubricants are best of anal play (depending on the material) and anal sex, whereas water based lubricants are good for vaginal sex. Give both of them a try to see which one suits you the best.

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