What is a Butt Plug typically used for?

What is a Butt Plug typically used for

You may have heard your close friends talk to you about their experiences with anal play and butt plugs or you may have seen it being used in a video online. At first glance, a butt plug doesn’t seem like the most enticing sex toy, especially if you haven’t tried any form of anal play.

However, a butt plug can actually make things much more enjoyable when things get hot and steamy, whether you are alone or with a partner. To help you learn more about butt plugs, keep on reading this article to find out.

What the Real Deal is About Butt Plugs

Generally, a butt plug is used to stimulate the many sensitive nerve endings that reside within a person’s anus, particularly their rectum. This stimulation can help enhance the feeling that they have during any form of sexual activity, such as masturbation or having sex. Both men and women can experience a lot of pleasure from using this simple sex toy, and it is also fairly simple to use.

A popular reason that people use butt plugs are for kinks such as role playing. There are many butt plugs that have tails attached to the ends of the bases, which is a kinky way of pretending to be an animal in the bedroom. A lot of people have a fetish for that, as they usually like it when their partner inserts the animal tail butt plugs into their anus and wear a headband with ears. It is a great way to satisfy a kink while feeling good at the same time.

Additionally, many people enjoy using butt plugs because it helps get them ready to get penetrated through their anus, I.E. anal sex. A lot of people, especially beginners, will not easily be able to take on a penis or dildo readily.

Thankfully, a butt plug helps make a person relax their anal muscles and get more turned on, which will make it much more easier to penetrate. It will turn whatever would have otherwise been pain feel much more pleasurable, thanks to the butt plug making them get used to the sensation of something in the backdoor.

Women can get to mimic the feeling of double penetration without needing two parters as well. A butt plug can make them feel fuller, so while their partner is penetrating them they will feel much more aroused and satisfied. They can also wear a butt plug while using something like a dildo to have a similar experience. Women have also mentioned that you should wear the butt plug while having sex in doggy position, because the thrusting of your partner will add a nice pressure to make the butt plug feel like it is getting deeper and add a nice amount of tension.

Moreover, men can get a lot out of using a butt plug as well, because the prostate is located inside the anus. The prostate is commonly called the male g spot, therefore if you are able to stimulate it, it will feel very good for the man. If you are having your prostate stimulated by a butt plug while doing things such as having sex or receiving a blowjob, it will feel much more better than it would normally feel. Stimulating the prostate can also make the man have a thicker and stronger erection because they are more turned on.

How Do I Choose a Butt Plug?

Generally, you will have to make sure you are choosing a butt plug based off of your needs. Therefore, the first butt plug that you see in a store or online shop may not be the right one for you. A good rule that all beginners should follow is that size really matters with butt plugs.

You should always choose smaller butt plugs first, because you don’t want to stretch out too much and cause pain because of a size that you aren’t comfortable with, a good size to stick to is a width of one inch or less. You can always buy a larger butt plug once you feel like you have gotten used to it, but make sure you are gradually increasing the size and not too much.

You also get to have an array of different materials to choose from when you are purchasing a butt plug. Even though they recommend getting non-porous butt plugs, there are porous butt plugs such as jelly and rubber butt plugs that can be bought.

These variations are much softer than the non-porous ones and are very affordable, however they cannot be fully sterilized and should be thrown out eventually because they will be harboring bacteria from your anus. Non-porous butt plugs are butt plugs such as silicone, which comes in a variation of different firmnesses for you to choose from, and glass and metal.

Our advice is to choose a small, silicone one as long as you aren’t allergic to silicone, as it is usually more flexible and softer than the other non-porous materials and is affordable.

Now that you know more about butt plugs, what are you waiting for? You’ll never know if you will like it until you try it out yourself.

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